Automated validator gas refunds announcement

Pigeons :dove: COO! COO!

We are noticing that validators are being jailed in between automated refunds. This is due to the nature of the blockchain and the minimum requirements to run a pigeon.

Paloma will refund gas to all validator pigeons once daily at 16:00 UTC. Therefore, pigeons should manage their ETH balances accordingly to avoid being jailed in between refunds. If your pigeon balance falls below 0.05 ETH minimum, before the daily replenishment, then you’ll be jailed until you are refunded and then you can unjail. This means that you may want to put in a little buffer for the daily refund schedule.

Paloma now refunds all VALIDATOR cross-chain transaction gas spent from Compass-EVM transactions as we work on our gas management system.

COO! COO! :dove:

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