Calling all pigeons to take flight with Paloma Testnest-11

:dove: Calling All pigeons! :dove:

COO! COO! Paloma Testnest-10 has been upgraded to Paloma Testnest-11. Please follow the instructions below to come back to the flock! We have used the genesis of paloma-tesnet-10 as the genesis for the new testnet chain to preserve balances and Compass deployments to the EVM chains.

  1. All pigeons will need to follow the upgrade instructions here: GitHub - palomachain/paloma: The fast blockchain messenger protocol

  2. All Pigeons will need to upgrade their palomad and pigeon to the latest versions here:

  1. Please make sure to follow instructions carefully before restarting pigeons. New Compass-EVMs to Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain will deploy to those mainnets. Automated ETH and BNB refunds to the new contracts will be online shortly.

Here are a few key features for the new chain!

  1. Support for snapshot and statesync for Cosmwasm contracts
  2. Support for message-jobs
  3. Support for one Compass per mainnet chain
  4. Version checking of Paloma to ensure current version

Special thanks to all the validators, JUNO devs, and Tendermint devs who assisted the recovery!