Paloma Weekly Wings: February 8, 2023 - Hatching the Paloma Messenger Mainnet

COO COO! Thank you to everyone of the validators that made it to our mainnet Pigeon Party on Monday February, 6, 2023 at 1PM UTC/5AM PST. We made it and we started a network and we understod how we wanted the network to treat validators best. By the team everyone reads this, cumulet will be sunset and we will rise the new mainnet chain-id “messenger” for Paloma. The new chain-id “messenger” will go live on Wednesday February 8, 2023 at 1PM UTC/5AM PST.

We took a moment this week to remember our validators and member-pigeons in Turkey who are suffering the aftermath of two massive earthquakes. Please donate to Turkey’s relief by clicking this link:

Paloma launches mainnet with release v0.11.6 of Paloma and v0.11.5 of Pigeon. These two releases will make up the v1.0 release and contain cross-chain messaging for Paloma to communicate across EVM chains with fast message delivery and persistent retries. We have substantially more logging to Paloma and pigeon for validators and the Volume team to check for failures.

Mainnet genesis is here:

and the

Mainnet initial peers list is here:


Pigeon signing continues to be an area of needed improvement. Additional logging around pigeon calls are now included with the current version. Also, pigeon now avoids some loops that caused pigeon to fail when a new target chain was voted into governance.


The Hatchling Paloma Network of “Messenger” is meant to be a mainnet that is active and allows for continued development of Paloma’s cross-chain messaging system. We expect “Messenger” to be under active development and subject to possible chain-halts and chain restarts. The community will attempt to preserve state, but considers this mainnet a high-risk of loss of assets for users.

The Paloma quickstart guide aims to help developers use the Paloma CLI to immediately send messages to any target smart contract. It also aims to help developer see what the Paloma team has explored with cross-chain communications. The most popular Paloma app is its egg NFT minting app. The NFT minting app. Developers can explore how popular the app to allow cross-chain NFT minting resonated with community members by accessing the sample code here:

Hatching the Paloma “Messenger” mainnet is a major milestone for the hundreds of individuals that make up the global, Paloma community. Today, the Paloma mainnet takes wings with a network of validators that will deliver messages to any target chain voted into governance.

The objective of mainnet was to enable rapid development of Paloma’s cross-chain communications layer. The Volume development team wishes to add more functionality to Paloma as well as update to the latest version of the Cosmos-SDK to take advantage of advanced features. Also, the Paloma Foundation wishes to quickly encourage new cross-chain dapps that take advantage of Paloma cross-chain automation features. Paloma’s mainnet will encourage developers to propose governance proposals to launch on various chains.

Special thanks to the VolumeFi team and the Paloma Community that made it possible for Paloma mainnet to come online.

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