PIP-28: Paloma Compass-EVM Support for Ethereum Mainnet

PIP Name: PIP-28 Paloma Compass-EVM Support for Ethereum Mainnet

Status: Proposed

Author(s): @LARRY

Type: EVM Proposal

Discussions-to: PIP-28: Paloma Compass-EVM Support for Ethereum Mainnet

Created: 05/24/2023

Simple Summary

Activate Ethereum controls via Paloma’s Compass-EVM deployment to the Ethereum blockchain network. Direct the Pigeons to initiate valset updates on Ethereum Mainnet from the Paloma Messenger Mainnet to launch the newest Paloma bots for testing on Ethereum.


With a successful launch and bot development of target contracts on Binance Smart Chain (BNB) Mainnet, with paloma-testnet-15, we want to launch Ethereum Mainnet support from the Paloma Messenger Mainnet This will be the first time that Paloma mainnet Compass-EVM will be deployed to Ethereum Mainnet. This effort will allow the current Paloma validators to add or reconfirm the endpoints for chains that we believe will have liquidity and demand for secure cross-chain messaging. Our proposal for the governance vote is as follows:


Paloma is meant to monitor and deliver messages across multiple blockchains. With landing Paloma Messenger Mainnet it’s time to relaunch new chains and bring new interest into the protocol. This vote is the culmination of ongoing testing and upgrades that were released with the upgrade to Cosmos SDK v0.47.1 as well as the release of the upgraded Compass-EVM with blueprint contract functionality for the creation or ERC20 tokens controled by the Paloma network.

Specification Overview

Pigeons will need to update their .pigeon/config.yaml with the details for Ethereum Mainnet and Pigeons will need to ensure that they have at least 0.05 ETH (Approximately $90.00) available on their Ethereum Mainnet wallets for refunds for delivering and relaying EVM messages on the Ethereum network. Pigeons will also need to have MEV protected endpoints as preferred endpoints.

Technical Specification

  1. We will run the governance command to propose support for the new EVM chain using the block height 17323610 and at block hash from EtherScan at Ethereum Blocks #17323610 | Etherscan
palomad tx gov submit-legacy-proposal evm propose-new-chain eth-main 1 5000000 0x990078fea1c43cfe56ae0af00ebc78a89eef378f8cd9430fc5fd359f20f38a90 \\
--title "PIP 28 - Paloma Compass-EVM and Mainnet Support for Ethereum Mainnet" \\
--description "Add Paloma mainnet messenger ****support ****for Ethereum mainnet EVM for pigeons to send smart contract control messages via the Paloma blockchain." \\
--deposit 10000000ugrain \\
--fees 400ugrain \\
--gas 400000 \\
--from=<Paloma Address> \\
--chain-id=messenger \\
  1. Pigeons will also have to update their ~/.pigeon/config.yaml file to add the new EVM-chain, Ethereum Mainnet. Pigeons will need to secure RPC endpoints for Ethereum Mainnet.
    chain-id: 1
    base-rpc-url: ${ETH_RPC_URL}
    keyring-pass-env-name: "ETH_PASSWORD"
    signing-key: ${ETH_SIGNING_KEY}
    keyring-dir: ~/.pigeon/keys/evm/eth-main
    gas-adjustment: 2
		tx-type: 2

Pigeons query Ethereum Mainnet and query for the submitted block height and block hash sent by Paloma and compare them to confirm they are on the right chain for Pigeon. If someone misconfigured their files, it would throw an error that the block height and hash are not matched.

  1. Pigeons will need to set up up their Ethereum Mainnet EVM Keys. Don’t forget your passwords!
pigeon evm keys generate-new ~/.pigeon/keys/evm/eth-main

or import existing your existing Ethereum Mainnet private keys

pigeon evm keys import ~/.pigeon/keys/evm/eth-main


With the success of Paloma’s arbitrary logic calls on paloma testnet , we aim to launch the Paloma pigeon module’s relay from the Paloma Messenger Mainnet to Ethereum Mainnet as we get ready to allow developers to showcase the world of automation dApps on the blockchain.

Our objective will be to launch the pigeon relay from Paloma Messenger Mainnet to Ethereum Mainnet, immediately. We want users to now be able to send messages to Ethereum Mainnet to control their security and remote activities on all DEXEs on ETH Chain. Validator happiness is crucial to a successful Paloma Chain and this will now be the first step towards ensuring that Paloma validators will be rewarded for delivering messages on behalf of developers and users.

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