PIP-3: Paloma Support for New EVM Chain, Binance Smart Chain

PIP Name: PIP-3 Paloma Support for New EVM chain, Binance Smart Chain.

Status: Proposed

Author(s): @BoweryKing

Type: EVM Proposal

Discussions-to: Governance - Paloma

Created: 09/22/2022

Simple Summary

Deploy a new Compass-EVM contract to the Binance Smart-Chain Protocol and direct the pigeons to initiate valset updates on Binance Smart Chain from the Paloma Testnest-10.


With a successful deployment of Paloma Compass to the Ethereum blockchain and the successful launch of the Paloma Egg Hunt, we want to launch Paloma testnests into other public blockchain mainnets. This effort will allow the current Paloma validators to add new endpoints for chains that we believe will have liquidity and demand for cross-chain messaging.

We think it’s a good time to test the Paloma infrastructure for its ability to support new chains. We propose testing a high-volume chain such as Binance Smart chain, BSC. Our proposal for the governance vote is as follows:


Paloma is meant to monitor and deliver messages across multiple blockchains. It’s time to launch new chains and bring new interest into the protocol. We also hope to explore adding more new chains quickly as this new chain is on testnet.

Specification Overview

This action requires two steps:

  1. Pigeons will need to update their .pigeon/config.yaml with the new details for the new chain.

Technical Specification

  1. We will run the governance command to propose governance for the new EVM chain using the block height 21566167 and at block hash from Binance Blocks #0x395aa73297c37f70cb244f655ccebbeef0526bf1e6a72349e28dc6da93da9473 | BscScan
palomad tx gov submit-proposal evm propose-new-chain bnb-main 56 5000000 21566167 0x395aa73297c37f70cb244f655ccebbeef0526bf1e6a72349e28dc6da93da9473 \
--title "PIP3: Paloma Support for New EVM Chain, Binance Smart Chain" \
--description "Add Paloma-testnest-10 support for the Binance Smart Chain mainnet EVM for pigeons to send messages via the Paloma blockchain." \
--deposit 10000000ugrain \
--fees 400ugrain \
--gas 400000 \
--from=<Paloma Address> \
--chain-id=paloma-testnet-10 \

2. Pigeons will also have to update their ~/.pigeon/config.yaml file to add the new EVM-chain, Binance smart Chain. Pigeons will need to secure RPC endpoints for Binance smart chain.

    chain-id: 1
    base-rpc-url: ${ETH_RPC_URL}
    keyring-pass-env-name: ETH_PASSWORD
    signing-key: ${ETH_SIGNING_KEY}
    keyring-dir: ~/.pigeon/keys/evm/eth-main
    gas-adjustment: 1.2

    chain-id: 56
    base-rpc-url: ${BSC_RPC_URL}
    keyring-pass-env-name: BSC_PASSWORD
    signing-key: ${BSC_SIGNING_KEY}
    keyring-dir: ~/.pigeon/keys/evm/bnb-main
    gas-adjustment: 1.2

Pigeons query the Binance Smart chain EVM chain and query for the submitted block height and block hash sent by Paloma and compare them to confirm they are on the right chain for Pigeon. If someone misconfigured their files, it would throw an error that the block height and hash are not matched.

  1. Pigeons will need to set up up their Binance Chain EVM Keys. Don’t forget your passwords!
pigeon evm keys generate-new ~/.pigeon/keys/evm/bnb-main

or import existing you existing Binance Smart Chain, BSC evm private keys

pigeon evm keys import ~/.pigeon/keys/evm/bnb-main


With the success of Paloma’s arbitrary logic calls on Ethereum mainnet, we are ready to expand the coverage of pigeons to another blockchain. This will also require validators to secure BInance Smart Chain endpoints and for the community to see the resilience of the flock as it moves to new blockchains.


Pigeon BSC is ready. Send a message please.


pigeon configuration is ok.ready set go :slight_smile:


pigeon BSC is ready.


I have updated my pigeon configuration for Binance Smart Chain. Ready to go !


Update my pigeon config.yaml :dove:


Please note CORRECTION: The chain-in for Ethereum is chain-id: 1

Pigeon is configured


pigeon BSC is ready. COO!


pigeon BSC is ready.


Thank you Paloma Pigeons. Voting has begun on the proposal here: [NG] Explorer | Paloma | Proposal #4

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Please note NEW correction. Double quotes removed from ETH_PASSWORD and BSC_PASSWORD.

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COORRECTION: For Testnet-10, we identified an error in making the proposal for bnb-chain instead of bsc-chain. The instructions are updated to reflect the new information for the testnest. You will need to move the .pigeon/keys/evm/bsc-main to .pigeon/keys/evm/bnb-main