PIP-39: Paloma Messenger Mainnet Upgrade to Paloma v1.7.1 and Pigeon v1.5.5

PIP Name: PIP-39: Paloma Messenger Mainnet Upgrade to Paloma v1.7.1 and Pigeon v1.5.5

Status: Writing

Author(s): @LARRY

Type: Software Upgrade


Created: 08/25/23

Simple Summary

This is a software upgrade for Paloma to v1.7.1 and Pigeon v1.5.5 releases. This release has come after the completion of testing on the public testnet, paloma-testnest-15 with upgraded versions on both Paloma and Pigeon. This software upgrade is a breaking upgrade and delivers new support for valset power calculations after the upgrade to a new target chain. This is based on the recent jailing of validators after the last upgrade to Optimism mainnet. The Volume team continues to focus on delivering software that will allow validators to generate a successful business relaying transactions to all target chains approved by governance.


The Paloma mainnet continues to achieve the goal of cross-chain communication functionality and support faster relay performance for as broad as possible an audience of traders. The paloma valset functionality therefore needs to be further improved to ensure that relay activity on active chains does not get interrupted by adding new chains. Improving valset behavior and improving pigeon speed continue to be a focus for Paloma development


The motivation of this PIP is to continue to deliver advanced upgrades to Paloma that differentiate Paloma chain and increase the value of Paloma for validators who support the security of the network with their computing datacenters.

Specification Overview

This action requires an upgrade of palomad to the latest tag v1.7.1 and an upgrade of pigeond to v1.5.5. All migrations are included and have been tested live for the past week on the Paloma public testnest paloma-testnest-15.

Technical Specification

The latest releases of Paloma and Pigeon are available here and includes the change logs for each for review prior to deployment:

  1. Download and install the latest Paloma tag v1.7.1: Release v1.7.1 · palomachain/paloma · GitHub

  2. Download and install the latest Pigeon tag v1.5.5: Release v1.5.5 · palomachain/pigeon · GitHub

  3. An upgrade proposal may be submitted by anyone running a node on the network or connected to a governance front-end to Paloma. This proposal should have the correct block height.

  4. Please use the following spreadsheet to calculate the approximate Block Height. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bglxgcFFhPnOdNYVnBcDyZ_UVuIQqGbtIP8l291jRm0/edit#gid=0 5

  5. This upgrade proposal requires 10 GRAIN or 10000000ugrain for deposit for voting.

  6. IMPORTANT: The upgrade height is the block height where the chain halts and requires the upgrade. Allow at least one (1) day AFTER voting end time and upgrade-height for 2/3 of the network to have downloaded the new binary and prepped for the switch over to avoid/minimize downtime of the Paloma chain.

  7. The Target block height for chain halt for this proposal is tentatively 3594338 or approximately 8/28/2023 17:00 UTC. This can be verified online here: [NG] Explorer | Paloma | 3594338

    VALIDATOR="$(palomad keys list --list-names | head -n1)"
    palomad tx gov submit-legacy-proposal software-upgrade v1.7.1 \
      --title "Upgrade to Paloma Release v1.7.1 and Pigeon v1.5.5" \
      --description "Continued improvements and fixes for both Paloma and Pigeon" \
      --deposit 10000000ugrain \
      --fees 400ugrain \
      --upgrade-height $UPGRADE_HEIGHT \
      --upgrade-info '{"binaries":{"linux/amd64":"https://github.com/palomachain/paloma/releases/download/v1.7.1/paloma_Linux_x86_64.tar.gz"}}' \
      --gas 400000 \
      --from=$VALIDATOR \
      --chain-id messenger \
      --no-validate \

    How to Vote on the Proposal

palomad tx gov vote 24 yes \
--chain-id messenger \
--from <Your Paloma Address> \
--fees 400ugrain \
-b sync

How to check if 2/3 of the network are online after vote is complete

curl -s localhost:26657/consensus_state | jq -r ".result.round_state.height_vote_set[0].prevotes_bit_array"

—> needs to return ≥ ~0.67 for the chain to start up again

To see which validators are online with the new binary, use GitHub - blockpane/pvtop: top-like tui for watching validator pre-votes on Tendermint chains


  • Paloma will not jail pigeons after upgrading to a new target chain
  • Paloma will derive the valset powers more intelligently on the messenger mainnet
  • Paloma will prepare for MEV protection for RPC endpoints with bloXroute

About Paloma

Paloma Protocol is a Cosmos-SDK blockchain protocol custom-built for omnichain communication that allows permissionless controls of any contract on any chain. Built by the teams at Volume, Binary, and Vitwit, Paloma delivers the world’s first intelligently scheduled and automated smart contract transaction execution for the Cosmos ecosystem. The protocol enables developers to remotely control the transmission of value without the need to wrap, bridge tokens, or trust validators with their digital assets.

Learn more at https://palomachain.com