PIP-63: Deploy Upgraded Compass-EVM v1.0.0 to all target chains

PIP-63: - Deploy Upgraded Compass-EVM v1.0.0

Status: Proposed

Author(s): @BoweryKing

Type: EVM Proposal


Created: 06/20/2023

Simple Summary

The Paloma Compass-EVM for pigeon requires an upgrade to prepare Compass-EVM for Gravity Bridge functionality. This new feature will allow Validators to use EVM pools to trade GRAINs that they receive for successful message relay. This upgrade will require a new deployment of the Compass-EVM contract to the Paloma Messenger Mainnet and then deployment to all the supported target chains. The old Compass-EVM will be abandoned by the flock and all users will need to update their contracts to use the newest address for Paloma’s compass-EVM.


Paloma Compass-EVM is the arbitrary logic call light client and Vyper contract that deploys to each supported EVM-chain on the Paloma network. The Compass-EVM manages arbitrary contract calls as well as bridge functionality secured by the Paloma validator set of Paloma validators. From time to time, the Compass-EVM undergoes upgrades for increased security and performance. This upgrade delivers functionality to support multiple cross-chain tokens deployments and management from within Paloma. Also, it will tag Compass-EVM at version v1.0.0


Paloma is meant to monitor and deliver messages across multiple blockchains via its network of validator datacenters. We are relaunching deployment on EVM target chains with new upgrades the Pigeon relay messaging system with the new messenger mainnet that comes with features required for the Paloma bridge to be fully functional.

Specification Overview

Technical Specification

  1. Run the governance command to deploy the smart contract to all evm chains
palomad tx gov submit-legacy-proposal evm propose-new-smart-contract '[JSON ABI BLOB]' [HEX BLOB] \
--title "Vote to Deploy the new and improved Paloma CompassEVM to the Paloma Messenger Mainnet" \
--description "PIP-63 Paloma Deploys Compass EVM v1.0.0" \
--deposit 10000000ugrain \
--fees 6000ugrain \
--gas auto \
--from <From Paloma Address> \
--chain-id messenger \

If the proposal passes, Compass EVM will be deployed to all existing and future supported EVM target chains.


Compass EVM manages arbitrary contract calls as well as bridge functionality secured by the Paloma validator set. In order to send messages cross-chain securely, Compass EVM needs to be deployed. The new Compass-EVM will include new event emitters as well as new functions for blueprint ERC20 contracts that will be launched from Paloma and owned by the Paloma validator set.

The ‘[JSON ABI BLOB]’ [HEX BLOB] for proposal is outlined above is based release v1.0.0: Release v1.1.0 · palomachain/compass-evm · GitHub