PIP-67: Paloma TestGRAINs Test & Transfer

PIP-67: Paloma TestGRAINs Test & Transfer

Status: Proposed

Author(s): LARRY

Type: EVM Proposal

Discussions-to: PIP-67: Paloma TestGRAINs Test & Transfer

Created: 07/03/2024

Simple Summary

Paloma is getting ready to launch GRAIN on all supported EVM chains and wants to test all bridge and related functionality with test grain tokens on Paloma tumbler mainnest.


The Gravity bridge functionality is feature complete and has been tested in a private testnet. Before launching GRAIN tokens on the evm chains, Paloma wants to test all bridge and related functionality on Paloma tumbler mainnest. This PIP proposes the setting of TESTGRAINS that can be used for testing purposes.


This is for TESTGRAINs on MAINNET moving across multiple target EVMs.

Specification Overview

Technical Specification

  1. Run the governance command to create a mapping of deployed TESTGRAIN contracts to Paloma
  2. The command should to be run for the following chains
    1. base-main - 0x8bcf2488358e9b9857691aef25ae58d08cd7f61f
    2. arbitrum-main - 0x3f27273e1eBC10eC5bfa709e843fd759A74FaFb1
palomad tx gov submit-legacy-proposal gravity set-erc20-to-denom \
"<chain-reference-id>" "ugrain" "<token contract address>" \
--title "Vote to set <<chain name>> ERC20 to uGRAIN Denom" \
--summary "PIP-67: Paloma TestGRAINs Test & Transfer" \
--deposit 10000000ugrain \
--fees 6000ugrain \
--gas auto \
--from <From Paloma Address> \
--chain-id tumbler \

If the proposal passes, ugrain will be set as denom on Paloma for the specified token contracts.


Given that the first GRAIN pools will launch on Arbitrum and Base, we want to confirm all bridge functionality with TEST tokens on those chains.