Volume AMA: Paloma Wins, New Bots, & AI GNUS Pigeons

The Paloma Chain continues to push forward to launch Pigeon Feed for validator relay rewards on target chains. Taariq Lewis @LewisTaariq, CEO at VolumeFi (


) and host of this week’s AMA episode talks about the progress on the Paloma protocol, the GRAIN token, new bots in development, and plans to forge partnerships with GPU providers in AI.

New bots such as the leverage trading for Curve’s Llamalend, Uniswap V3 TWAP, and AI bots for GPU access automated payments are coming up to demonstrate the power of the new and improved Paloma chain.

Paloma’s EVM L2, an Arbitrum fork, is also launching soon with Pigeons as the sequencer network and quorum for data availability.

Upcoming partnerships with GPU access providers are in the brew signaling a new and exciting chapter as Paloma takes flight into blockchain and AI space.

The host welcomes everyone to Paloma’s Twitter Spaces hosted by Volume. The segment on creating your own bot with OpenAI will be discussed via a live broadcast in a separate event. He shares the goals of Volume.

Taariq congratulates the Paloma team for the successful recovery of the 12ETH from the old chain.

Pigeon Feed is coming! While currently in private testnet to integrate new features, the focus is to launch Pigeon Feed for public testing on mainnet so that validators will get their refunds on the target chains.

He adds that this will ensure that once Pigeon Feed comes out, the GRAIN token is tradeable and people will look at it as a very cheap token to buy allowing the network to grow.

There will be many more partnerships and announcements around relay remote execution as Pigeon Feed nears completion. Paloma testnet 16 will be launched shortly to merge the new features of Pigeon Feed, with incentives for validators who support the public testnet.

New team members have joined Paloma. A new Paloma Dev, Luis, recently joined the team, and his work centers around private testnet while ensuring that the test suite is in place for further upgrades.

Paloma’s EVM L2 which will be the Arbitrum fork will also be launching soon. This will launch an Arbitrum L2 with the Paloma validator set as the sequencer network as well as the quorum for data availability.

Taariq invites everyone to check out the latest blog post on Paloma and Volume from last week’s Twitter Spaces that featured the team from



Paloma and GNUS are working on a partnership and announcements will be coming up soon.

Taariq explains that Volume is the dev team working on Paloma. Volume bots run on the Paloma chain by remote execution. He shares that there has been a lot of bot demand, particularly for leverage trading.

The team is working on leverage trading bots for Curve’s Llamalend.

The team is all hands on deck with frontend and backend work, debugging and testing as well as rewriting the new smart contract code for Paloma to handle leveraging on Llamalend in collaboration with Curve.

If the Ethereum ETF is approved, Taariq expects the pump to continue for at least two months before it dies down. He is confident there will be many more pump opportunities for leverage bots towards the end of summer.

Paloma has forged a new partnership with Silo Finance to build TWAP bots on Uniswap v3 for Arbitrum.

Taariq shares that there is a lot of interest for Paloma to go into partnerships but it is important to get the current bots working so that folks can see them demonstrated in action. To scale volume, Pigeon Feed needs to go live to encourage more users to use Paloma.

Paloma processed nearly $250k of relays during the past week, with zero fees on all bots. The network is back to March levels for message relays that continue to test the ability of Pigeons to relay transactions quickly and securely.

As Paloma spreads its wings to join the blockchain and AI space, there will be more discussions about AI and how to use Paloma in coordination with AI service providers. The

There is a lot of ongoing outreach work to other players in the GPU access and AI space happening behind the scenes.

Taariq shares that Paloma will kick-start PR work as they enter the AI space.

Taariq gives a recap on Paloma updates.

The GRAIN token is coming online and every effort is being made to ensure its successful launch. He explains that the GRAIN token should fall on demand for relay work. Once Pigeon Feed is up, and anybody can do relays anywhere in the world, then that becomes very compelling.

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