Paloma New Release to resolve upgrade chain-halt issues. Let's Fly!

Heads up Flock

Paloma is ready to fly again:

Please spread your wings and install the new release.

This tag refactors Paloma away from Starport dependencies as well as disables the IAVL-FASTNODE functionality, as well as upgrades Paloma to cosmos-SDK v0.45.10.

Special thanks to everyone who moved quickly on the refactoring and our newest team member Baez!


  1. Please make sure your pigeon wallets are funded!
  2. Please make sure pigeon is started BEFORE Paloma!
  3. Please make sure you are running the latest and correct commit hash
server_name: palomad
version: v0.11.3
commit: 0012902eaf72e79841f297f7115f9e6e276c747c

COO! COO! Let’s go Pigeons! Time to fly!
The Bowery King