Paloma Weekly Wings: March 8 2023 - Mainnet, BNB, and PalomaSwap

This week, we are updating wings to cover the three most important technical features and improvements of the Paloma Protocol from the past week. We’ll also make sure to highlight how you can take advantage of the software and use it immediately.


The Hatchling Paloma Network of “Messenger” is 4 weeks old. It’s meant to be a mainnet that is active and still allows for continued development of Paloma’s cross-chain messaging system. We expect “Messenger” to be under active development and subject to possible chain halts and chain restarts. The community will attempt to preserve state, but considers this mainnet a high-risk of loss of assets for users.

Working on sending messages to Binance chain mainnet, we discovered that Paloma’s arbitrary logic call execution checking was not performing as designed. Incorrect event-log checking in pigeon meant that the pigeon relayer was unable to detect successful message relaying on BNB chain. This problem did not occur on Ethereum. However, with work continuing on the Paloma Python SDK, and testing on BNB chain, these new issues surfaced. This week, we are looking to upgrade pigeon with better transaction checking. This will also lead to an improvement in the Paloma Compass-EVM light client and a decrease in the pigeon queries on the RPC endpoints for EVM chains.

Also, Paloma’s team upgraded Cosmos SDK to version v0.45.13 as well as to IBC v0.4.0. The next release of Paloma v1.0 will be first hatched on a new Paloma testnet-16 and then a mainnet upgrade proposal

Come check out our ongoing upgrades to Paloma and pigeon here:

Who says birds don’t like snakes? Paloma’s Python SDK is the flagship developer toolbox to execute fast and secure cross-chain control messages via the Paloma Compass-EVM light client. The Python SDK.

We understand that cross-chain communications is a fast-growing space with many options. Paloma’s Python SDK aims to make it very easy for any Python developer to write scheduled EVM control messages without needing to write Cosmwasm to execute a scheduled transaction. Python Developers simply use the scheduling commands in Python SDK to load up a message and schedule for delivery into any target chain supported by Paloma.

The Python SDK is under active development, but available here:

A quick introduction to the Paloma Python SDK is available here:

Paloma Hatchling Mainnet enters its fourth week. Paloma upgrades to Paloma BNB messaging will improve message delivery performance for high-volume chains. Also, Paloma will be upgrading Paloma Cosmos SDK and IBC libraries.

The Paloma Python SDK is under active development and now allows for message scheduling on Paloma to any target EVM chain. Test it out on Paloma public testnet-15.

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