Paloma Weekly Wings: November 8, 2023 - Paloma Deploys to Gnosis Chain for Euro Bots and Pigeon Upgrades to v.1.9.5

Welcome to the weekly update on new software from the Paloma community of developers.

Paloma Pigeons deploy the Compass-EVM light client to Gnosis chain.

. Now anyone may use the Paloma SDK to execute transactions on Gnosis chain with the support of the Paloma validator set. Developers may now build bots that transfer funds from Ethereum to Gnosis via the Gnosis bridge for use cases including exiting to fiat offramps for Euros with the Monerium EURe pools on Curve.

Deployment of Gnosis Chain experienced a long delay prior to deployment. The post-mortem analysis revealed that Paloma’s current design does not limit valset pigeons to the pigeons that are actively supporting the chain that needs a Compass-EVM client deployment. As such, many Paloma validators were given Gnosis Compass-EVM contracts to relay, but were unable to complete the message as no RPC was set up. In the next version of Paloma and Pigeon, validators with full support of all chains will be added to the validator set and will be permitted to relay. Pigeons that do not have their target chain configurations set will be excluded from the relay validator set.

The Volume identified a bug in the Gravity bridge on paloma-testnet-15 that is used for actively testing bridge transactions. According to ByteBandit:

The release of Pigeon v1.9.5 allowed the batch to be moved successfully, but highlighted new issues that require a refactor of the Paloma Gravity bridge in high block time environments.

Stay up to date and follow the Paloma public repositories and the commits of ongoing upgrades to Paloma Cosmos-SDK blockchain and the Pigeon relay module, here:

Paloma deployment to Gnosischain is an important step for Paloma validators to successfully execute offramp bots. The Gnosis chain deployment highlighted some issues ongoing with Paloma’s selection of validators to relay messages. We have more work to improve validator relay selection.

More work continues on Pigeon Operator Keys for improved relay performance. We look forward to sharing updates next week! COO! COO!

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