PIP-30: Validator Airdrop for Testnet

PIP Name: PIP#30 - Validator Airdrop for Testnet

Author(s): @ecamli

Type: Chain Proposals / Community Spend

Status: Proposed

Simple Summary
Rewarding users who have been active on the testnet for 4 months. Giving incentives to all users who make an effort for the testnet


OG Pigeon validators from Paloma’s series of testnets are to receive a airdrop of GRAINs for their hard work and trust in Paloma Chain. This airdrop will also acknowledge individual pigeons that have made additional contributions in the form of explorers, snapshots, and debugging work on the Paloma testnet.


It is necessary to motivate the users participating in the testnet in return for their efforts. That’s why the Paloma network needs to reward participants and reward their long-standing support of the system. In this way, the motivation of the participants will be kept high.

Validator Airdrop Conditions

Participants have been on the testnet for at least 4 months and In order to qualify for the Paloma Validator airdrop, validators must be ACTIVE with 95% uptime

How to submit the proposal

palomad tx gov submit-proposal --proposal=<path/to/proposal.json> \ 
--gas auto
--fees 400ugrain
  "title": "Validator Airdrop for Testnet User",
  "description": "A Proposal for an Airdrop, for Paloma Testnet Validators. The details for this propososal are available on the Paloma forum at [forum_link_here_before_CLI]",
  "recipient": "[YOUR_PALOMA_ADDRESS]",
	"type": "Text",
  "deposit": "10000000ugrain"


Rewarding long-standing support of testnet users and increasing community engagement


COO! This is a very good bird feed post. Is this a signalling vote? If so, the only question I would have is how much GRAIN does this proposal ask to be air dropped to the testnet pigeons?

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COO! Yes this is a signalling vote. I think it could be 75k or 100k per person. OG pigeons were given 50k for mainnet. What is your suggestion?

Good follow-up thoughts. I think it will be tough for the community to vote MORE GRAINs for testnet validators than the benchmark airdrop. Unless validators on the current testnet exerted MORE work than at the last airdrop, there’s not much justification in the current proposal.

I would propose that maybe revert this to a similar-sized airdrop for the current testnet validator set with a snapshot taken by a certain date/time.

Given that the current testnet validator set is small, it might be much easier to have the Paloma Foundation consider a vote for the testnet validators so that they will continue to support the network. Of course, I welcome any alternative proposals.

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It would be nice to have the Paloma Foundation support testnet users. The aim here is to reward testnet users and to appreciate their efforts. It is more accurate for the Paloma Foundation to determine the amount

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Might be proportional to being active on the testnet until today after switching to the mainnet


That’s a great start. How would you recommend the Paloma Foundation and the community measure testnet activity?

  1. Votes on Testnet, governance Proposals?
  2. Snapshot of validator staking position?
  3. Anything else?
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I have a different suggestion for airdrop. For a long time, a team of 15-20 people continues the Paloma testnet. They continued even though they knew this testnet was not rewarding. they tried to support Paloma by paying server money and spending a separate effort for about 1 year. For example, I pay a monthly server fee of $118 for testnet + mainnet. If there will be an airdrop in this process, I think it should be in the form of some cash + Xk GRAIN. because servers are starting to get very expensive. Since the number of people is very small, I think this proposal will not cost the Paloma Foundation dearly.

Thank you good pigeon for the thoughtful response and for your service to the flock. You are a great pigeon. Yes. servers are expensive, and the support of the testnet is necessary to keep the chain’s mainnet updates alive as we search for more users. The easiest way to get sustainable cash for validators is to get paid. However, if the Foundation started soliciting validators to be paid in cash, we may end up in a validator-auction that unfairly penalizes smaller validators for bigger validators who have much lower costs per server. Also, cash payments require KYC/AML which would also block full validator participation.

To ensure that smaller validators get treated fairly, I think we may want to focus on just airdropping GRAINs only or exploring other rewards for testnet validators. Are there other ideas you may think we might explore for rewarding testnet validators for your costs incurred?

I gave this suggestion because I live in a country with hyperinflation. The decision is still yours of course. I’m still in favor of an airdrop that can financially support validators. COO!


Appreciate the perspective and the feedback. We want to support global validators with a profitable system that frees them from the constraints of hyperinflation and lack of access to economic mobility. Pigeons must fly.

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Any progress on this? Did we come to a decision?

Not yet. It went quiet. I think we need to ask the Paloma Foundation to reward the Testnet validators again.

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