Two Simple Steps for Pigeons to Collect their Validator GRAINdrop on Paloma Mainnet

The Paloma Foundation is proud to announce that Paloma mainnet validators may now claim their GRAINs on Paloma mainnet ahead of the planned inflation switch. Below we explain why Paloma validators may claim their GRAINdrop and how they may do so, today.

Since June 2022, the Paloma community has persevered through 15 testnet releases and many chain halts. Paloma was an un-incentivized testnet. This means there are no rewards for testnet validators. The VolumeFi team needed ensure that the validators that remained were aligned with the Paloma vision: Cross-chain messaging with guaranteed delivery.

Many pigeons left the flock. Many pigeons did not make the journey. However, for those pigeons that landed into the Paloma vote, mainnnet GRAINs are now available for claim. Paloma mainnet validator GRAINS are only claimable from the list of validators that were approved in the Paloma PIP here:


This Validator GRAINDrop is the first Paloma Airdrop. Paloma Foundation will request that any unclaimed GRAINS be reclaimed on or around March 31, 2023. Paloma Validators are encouraged to collect their GRAINs quickly as the Paloma Foundation will launch a new proposal to start inflation on the Paloma Network.

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time to fly with our wings now.


yes we’ve been waiting for a long time to fly, let’s do it


It’s a good day for flapping wings. :dove: :dove:


Thank you to all the pigeons! Yes It’s time to fly, today!

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