PIP-11: Validator Airdrop on Paloma Mainnet

PIP Name: PIP#11 - Validator Airdrop on Paloma Mainnet

Status: Proposed

Author(s): @LARRY

Type: Chain Proposals / Community Spend

Discussions-to: PIP-11: Validator Airdrop on Paloma Mainnet

Created: 12/14/2022

Simple Summary

The Paloma Foundation (Columbidae Networks, LTD) proposes a Validator Airdrop from the Paloma Foundation to the current community of Testnet validators ranging from 50,000 GRAINs to 100,000 GRAINs each. Testnet Community OG Validators will be able to claim these GRAINs so that they may join the Paloma mainnet as key community validators. The validators selected are listed here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XeKmVI1_poBLpVTtn7PrJk6Lc1Yzav3t960cYirJFVk/edit?usp=sharing


Paloma’s unique value proposition is its high-speed message-relay architecture, designed to minimize communications latency between blockchain endpoints. Being the foundation in delivering on this promise, OG Pigeon validators from Paloma’s series of testnets are to receive a airdrop of GRAINs for their hard work and trust in Paloma Chain. This airdrop will also acknowledge individual pigeons that have made additional contributions in the form of explorers, snapshots, and debugging work on the Paloma testnet.


The Paloma blockchain protocol testnet has evolved across 13 public testnet and over 20 tagged releases. The Paloma blockchain aims to deliver on its promise to become a fastest, most secure, and most scalable cross-chain messaging and gas management oracle.

The support community validators continues to be the leading path to production-ready testing of the software and to battle-proof the blockchain. Time, patience, and resources were required from these validators who continued to support Paloma without the promise of incentives.

In order to secure the public mainnet, deliver maximum relay speeds, computation execution, and uptime service, testnet (or “OG”) validators need a way to claim GRAINs from Paloma Foundation for their efforts in bringing the Paloma Chain into mainnet.

Specification Overview

An airdrop of between 50,000 to 100,000 GRAINs will be available for claim by Paloma OG and Paloma community testnet validators.

| Airdropped for Claiming | 25,000 GRAINs |
| Staked/Delegated | 25,000 GRAINs |
| Community Recognition | 25,000 GRAINs |
| Genesis Validator | 10 GRAINs |

Validator Airdrop Conditions

In order to qualify for the Paloma Validator airdrop, validators must be ACTIVE with 100% uptime by snapshot:

Date: December 16, 2022
Block height: 746,438

How to submit the proposal

palomad tx gov submit-proposal --proposal=<path/to/proposal.json> \ 
--gas auto
--fees 400ugrain

with the proposal.json:

  "title": "Validator Airdrop on Paloma Mainnet",
  "description": "A Proposal for an Airdrop of Mainnet GRAINs token for Paloma Testnet Validators to claim on Paloma Mainnet. The details for this propososal are available on the Paloma forum at [forum_link_here_before_CLI]",
  "recipient": "[YOUR_PALOMA_ADDRESS]",
	"type": "Text",
  "deposit": "10000000ugrain"

How to Vote on the Proposal

palomad tx gov vote 10 yes \
--chain-id paloma-testnet-13 \
--fees 400ugrain \
-b block


The Paloma Foundation (Columbidae Networks, LTD Caymans) wishes to encourage community discussion vote signaling around the eventual launch of Paloma’s mainnet. Open discussion and presentation of proposals aim to achieve three critical goals.

  1. Transparency: Paloma’s mainnet must aim to achieve as much transparency as possible so that it’s small, but growing flock of community members will have a chance to do the work of expressing their views and opinions via open disscussion as well as forum vote. Although the GRAINs of this proposal are testnest GRAINs, the success or failure of the vote will be a signal for the tokenomics model.
  2. Community: The Paloma community is small, but growing flock of pigeons and other birds. The goal of this proposal will be to encourage community conversation around Paloma’s proposed tokenomics as well as its relay fee design for validators and stakers. Also the Testnest validators who supported Paloma over the past six months will want to know how their efforts will fit into the next phase of Paloma’s lifecycle as a mainnet chain.
  3. Improvement: Paloma’s tokenomics are not considered perfect. Paloma hopes to engage the community to help create a practice of ongoing improvements that will receive review, comment, and even criticism by the global community of pigeons. Paloma Improvement Proposals aim to improve the protocol and its functioning. Thus, the publish of the Paloma Tokenomics model will help improve Paloma for the long run.

About Paloma

Paloma Protocol is a Cosmos-SDK blockchain protocol custom-built for omnichain communication that allows permissionless controls of any contract on any chain. Built by Volume, Paloma delivers the world’s first intelligently scheduled and automated smart contract transaction execution for the Cosmos ecosystem. The protocol enables developers to remotely control the transmission of value without the need to wrap, bridge tokens, or trust validators with their digital assets. Led by founding members of Sommelier, Paloma is building the primary communication layer of Web3.