PIP-47: Paloma Messenger Support for Gnosis

PIP Name: PIP-47: Paloma Messenger Support for Gnosis

Status: Proposed

Author(s): @LARRY

Type: EVM Proposal

Discussions-to: PIP-47: Paloma Messenger Support for Gnosis

Created: 10/18/2023

Simple Summary

Activate Gnosis deployment of the Paloma Compass-EVM vyper contract via the Paloma validator set. Direct the Pigeons to initiate valset updates on EVM chain Gnosis from the Paloma Messenger Mainnet to launch the newest Paloma bots for executing secure, remote trades on the Gnosis network and the decentralized exchanges launching there.


This will be the first time that Paloma mainnet will be deployed to Gnosis. This effort will allow the current Paloma validators to add or reconfirm the endpoints for chains that we believe will have liquidity and demand for secure cross-chain messaging. Our proposal for the governance vote is as follows:


Paloma is meant to monitor and deliver messages across multiple blockchains that host the most liquidity transactions. The Gnosis chain hosts Balancer and Paloma’s validators aim to land their flock of pigeons to monitor and secure transactions on Gnosis chain.

Specification Overview

Pigeons will need to update their .pigeon/config.yaml with the details for the Gnosis Mainnet and Pigeons will need to ensure that they have 0.01 xDAI available on their Gnosis wallets and 0.01 xDAI in the Ethereum wallets, which are already provisioned supporting the Ethereum mainnet.

Technical Specification

  1. For the Gnosis blockchain, we will run the governance command to propose governance for the new EVM chain using the block height 30487897 and at block hash 0x0fecfe0a4d35ada1ea3cdf37a9a5174167818c4e0b96a1dc110bdaf65863de40 from Gnosis Chain Explorer at https://gnosisscan.io/
  2. The Gnosis ChainID is 100.
palomad tx gov submit-legacy-proposal evm propose-new-chain gnosis-main 100 1000000 30487897 0x0fecfe0a4d35ada1ea3cdf37a9a5174167818c4e0b96a1dc110bdaf65863de40 \
--title "PIP46- Paloma Mainnet Support for Gnosis EVM blockchain." \
--description "Add Paloma mainnet messenger-client support for the Gnosis mainnet EVM for pigeons to send smart contract control messages via the Paloma blockchain." \
--deposit 10000000ugrain \
--fees 400ugrain \
--gas 400000 \
--from=<Paloma Address> \
--chain-id=messenger \
  1. Pigeons will also have to update their ~/.pigeon/config.yaml file to add the new EVM-chain, information for Gnosis.

Pigeons query the Gnosis chain and query for the submitted block height and block hash sent by Paloma and compare them to confirm they are on the right chain for Pigeon.

If someone misconfigured their files, it would throw an error that the block height and hash are not matched.

  chain-id: 100
  base-rpc-url: ${GNOSIS_RPC_URL}
  keyring-pass-env-name: GNOSIS_PASSWORD
  signing-key: ${GNOSIS_SIGNING_KEY}
  keyring-dir: ~/.pigeon/keys/evm/gnosis-main
  gas-adjustment: 1.2
  tx-type: 2
  1. Pigeons will need to set up up their Gnosis EVM Keys. Don’t forget your passwords!
pigeon evm keys generate-new ~/.pigeon/keys/evm/gnosis-main

or import existing you existing Gnosis EVM private keys

pigeon evm keys import ~/.pigeon/keys/evm/gnosis-main

Wallet Funding Requirement

GNOSIS-MAIN: This wallet will require 1 xDAI for funding. Volume will provide 1 xDAI to all Paloma Validators on their accounts to help them get ready for Gnosis deployment of Compass-EVM . Paloma Foundation will refund payments daily based on balances spent from Paloma main chain use.


The newly launched Coinbase network, Gnosis, has untapped potential for automation of trades. We look forward to bring Paloma to Gnosis mainnet from the Paloma messenger mainnet.

To learn more about Paloma, please visit https://palomachain.com

To follow the project on Github, please star the project GitHub - palomachain/paloma: The fast blockchain messenger protocol

To participate in the community, please join the Paloma Discord: Paloma

About Paloma

Paloma Protocol is a Cosmos-SDK blockchain protocol custom-built for omnichain communication that allows permissionless controls of any contract on any chain. Built by Volume, Paloma delivers the world’s first intelligently scheduled and automated smart contract transaction execution for the Cosmos ecosystem. The protocol enables developers to remotely control the transmission of value without the need to wrap, bridge tokens, or trust validators with their digital assets. Led by founding members of Sommelier, Paloma is building the primary
communication layer of Web3.

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@larry the Hash in this proposal cannot be found on Gnosis scan: Gnosis Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | GnosisScan

I would recommend removing the proposal section and the voting section of this document so we can repost the correct hash for the proposal.