PIP-8: Vote your GRAINs to deploy Compass-EVM on all supported EVM chains!

COO! COO! :dove: The Paloma Chain Proposal for 2 is now live. Deploy the Compass-EVM to all supported chains! COO! :dove:

The onchain voting of the proposal is here: [NG] Explorer | Paloma | Proposal #2

Paloma Compass-EVM is the bridge contract that will be deployed to each supported chain on Paloma. The Compass-EVM is the contract that manages arbitrary contract calls as well as bridge functionality secured by the Paloma validator set. A community member deployed this contract and votes are ready to be received. Come vote your GRAINs for Compass-EVM!

Vote instructions for validators are very easy:

VALIDATOR="$(palomad keys list --list-names | head -n1)"
palomad tx gov vote 2 yes \
--chain-id paloma-testnet-10 \
--from="$VALIDATOR" \
--fees 400ugrain \
-b block

COO! Come Pigeons! Let us get the Compass-EVM ready to deploy on all EVMs!