RPC services for the Paloma community by Liquify

Paloma’s new RPC provider at your service!

Liquify is super enthusiastic to share this community partnership with Paloma.

As an experienced infrastructure company running all required blockchain nodes for Paloma foundation, Liquify’s RPC call services are now available to anyone building on Paloma.

Using Liquify’s services means supporting the Paloma Ecosystem. Part of the tokens earned will be used by Paloma to boost users throughout.

Why choose Liquify’s RPC services?
Besides community alignment, Liquify has a proven track record of running RPC and validator services over 60+ chains.

  1. Technology - Bare-metal servers co-located only with tier-3 & 4 data centers with guaranteed uptime of 99.95% (under SLA)
  2. Transparency - Customizable dashboard with realtime node tracking and reporting
  3. Speed - Optimized for the lowest latency, highest throughput and uptime using custom- built geomeshing tools and global datacenter locations.
  4. Security - Security first infrastructure company. Currently under- going ISO 27001 accreditation with 2 external full-scale pen-tests already completed
  5. Efficiency - 40%+ cost-effective compared to cloud solutions such as AWS or Google Cloud
  6. Experience - Built and managed by team of experienced software and infrastructure engineers with 5 years of crypto tech experience.

Contact Liquify to get high grade RPC service while boosting the Paloma community now!

Email: contact@liquify.io, roman@liquify.io
Telegram: @RmnRn


COO! Nice post and a valuable resource for Paloma Validators.