Volume AMA: Automate Loan Repayments on Curve Finance

This week’s AMA episode is hosted by Taariq Lewis @LewisTaariq, CEO of VolumeFi (


), who is joined by Zhibai Zhang@FieldTheory, VolumeFi DeFi strategist.

Paloma is now deployed to Gnosis Chain opening up massive opportunities for fiat off-ramps to euros via Monerium IBAN.

The Curve lending bot is live and running. The lending bot manages Curve loans with automatic repayments using Eth and BTC to manage risk and avoid liquidation. More useful features have been added allowing users to set aside alternative tokens as collaterals which will be automatically swapped into Eth so that loan health is maintained.

The Palomabot $30,000 sweepstakes are still up for grabs! The 300th user with a transaction using a Paloma bot wins the $30,000 reward.

The host welcomes everyone to Volume’s Twitter Spaces. He gives a brief about Volume.

He adds that Paloma builds bots to manage and secure private keys and enable more automation for the entire crypto community.

Taariq announces that Paloma is now deploying to Gnosis Chain. He shares a background about Gnosis.

Gnosis Chain has a great off-ramp for euros with Monerium. Gnosis Pay automatically converts digital assets to EURe and settles the payment via Monerium IBAN.

Taariq explains that users can also swap from any Paloma-supported chain, and go from Ethereum, Base, or Optimism Ethereum to euros.

He adds that Paloma builds bots to get use cases and make them available for developers to fork out and develop. Anybody can use Paloma to build an off-ramp fiat bot, for example. Paloma will be opening up the code on their website


so that anyone can use the path.

He predicts that as Gnosis Chain opens up the ability to do fiat off-ramps to euros, there will be a high demand allowing Paloma to create an economy for Pigeons. This offers massive opportunities, especially for recurring transactions.

Taariq shares updates on the Paloma protocol.

Pigeon operator keys allowing validators to fire up multiple keys and send multiple transactions in one block are underway. This will address account mismatch incidents impeding validators from sending multiple transactions and relay execution commands.

There will be a delay in getting the ERC 20 Grain token deployed as the team works on the bridge tax for Paloma and debugging issues on token transfers across the bridge.

Stakers will be rewarded for bridge use and get paid when users take Grains off the system.

The team will push to launch as soon as the issues are addressed so that validators can start charging fees for message relay activities.

FieldTheory discusses how the Curve lending bot works and its main features.

Built on top of Curve lending, the bot manages Curve loans with automatic repayments using Eth and BTC as two major sources of collateral. Users can put up collateral and take out a loan in crvUSD, which is Curve’s stablecoin.

While the stablecoin has a relatively low risk, lender’s risk is a very important element, FieldTheory explains, because collaterals are still volatile.

Users can set up their risk profile. If the health factor is below a certain threshold, the lending bot can help repay the loan or add collateral to reduce risk and the probability of getting liquidated.

FieldTheory mentions that more useful features will be available soon. Alternative tokens can be used as collateral and repayment options. Users can deposit other alternative tokens aside from Eth and BTC, as collateral.

If the bot needs to add collateral to reduce risk, the contract will automatically run a transaction where these collaterals are swapped into Eth or BTC and then added to the loan. Users can now use the bot to monitor and manage their risk without having to convert their alternative tokens to Eth or BTC manually.

He adds that the team is also actively innovating to leverage the functionality that Curve lending frontend offers.

Taariq chimes in to say that the most frustrating thing for users is to get liquidated.

Volume’s Curve lending Bot allows users to set aside alternative tokens that can be immediately swapped so that loan health is maintained.

The Curve lending bot is now live. Everyone can test it out on




Paloma’s $30,000 sweepstakes are still up for grabs! The 300th user with a transaction using a Paloma bot wins the $30,000 reward. There have been 254 bots created so far, and 50 wallets with transactions.

Folks looking for a way to collect, yield, and participate in the sweepstakes can also use the Curve lending bot. Users have to simply deploy crvUSD to the Curve pool using Eth, BTC, or their derivatives as collateral. Alternative tokens may also be used as collateral as the lending bot can automatically swap them for Eth.

Taariq adds that crvUSD deposited into Curve pools also collects crv rewards, FRAX, and other participant rewards.

More information will be shared about the fiat off-ramp bot as Volume brings it to market and gets it up and running.

Taariq reminds everyone that the sweepstakes is still on the table with $30,000 prize for the 300th Paloma bot user. He wraps up the episode with a big congrats to the team and the validators. He thanks everyone who tuned in to today’s AMA episode.

Stay tuned for the next AMA!

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