Volume AMA: JUICEbot This Bull Run

This week’s AMA episode airs live from ETHDenver 2024. The host, Taariq Lewis @LewisTaariq, CEO at VolumeFi (


) talks about Paloma’s JuiceETH bots designed to increase leverage in bull markets. Traders can take as much as seven times leveraged positions from their ETH deposit and make at least 10% native yield.

Paloma has upgraded to Cosmos 50, which will enable Optimistic Execution, giving validators a cutting-edge speed boost. The integration of Pigeon operator keys that allow validators to sign multiple transactions in one block further ensures increased throughput speed and more relay execution.

The design module of Pigeon Feed, Paloma’s relay messaging marketplace, is now up and can be viewed on the Weekly Wings report. The report details Phase 3 of Pigeon Feed and how validators can claim their rewards in GRAINS on the target chain.

As a way to grow community engagement and awareness, points will be distributed to all users of JuiceETH bots.

The host welcomes everyone to Volume’s Twitter Spaces airing live from ETHDenver. He extends a warm welcome to the amazing CosmosCats community, the newest members of the Pigeon Flock. He also thanks Jack Zampolin @jackzampolin, founder of Strangelove for joining in the conversation.

Taariq shares a brief background about Volume Finance.

He cites that Paloma is the first Cosmos SDK chain that will pay revenues to validators for relaying messages in an open market.

Paloma has upgraded from Cosmos 4.7 to Cosmos 50. Taariq thanks the Vitwit team for helping with the merging of Cosmos SDK 50 into Paloma Master. The work on end-to-end integration testing continues this March before the launch to public testnet.

This upgrade brings the Paloma network to the level of Berachain and other leading blockchains on Cosmos 50. Optimistic execution will give Paloma a throughput speed comparable to Monad. He mentions that the Monad project’s claim to fame is optimistic execution that makes them as fast as Injective and Solana.

Cosmos 50 will integrate Pigeon operator keys that allow validators to sign multiple transactions in a block. This will ensure that validators will have even more throughput by allowing them to sign multiple transactions and more relay execution.

Taariq announces that the design module of Pigeon Feed, Paloma’s relay messaging marketplace, can now be viewed on the Weekly Wings update. The report outlines how validators can claim rewards in GRAINS on the target chain.

He states that two major chunks will be coming out in March, Cosmos 50 in Paloma Master and the Pigeon Feed upgrade. Compass EVM light client will also be upgraded on all target chains.

Palomabots are now officially live, however, Taariq explains the rising gas prices on Ethereum are causing problems. He encourages all community members to check out Paloma’s Bitcoin and Ethereum bots that offer up to seven times leverage on any amount deposited. Points will be given away to all Palomabot users.

Unlike Evmos and Berachain which have their own EVM modules built into their Cosmos SDK, Paloma EVM will be using Arbitrum as an entirely separate app, controlled and managed by the Paloma validator set.

More Palomabots like Blast will be built using the leverage protocol on Curve. These will be called JuiceETH bots.

He explains that traders can maximize profits and take seven times the leverage of a small piece of their ETH deposit to capture the upside. This means that users can mint more JuiceETH on L2 once TGE occurs.

Taariq states that is going to be the first structured product in crypto as a TGE-generation tool. They will use this structured product to create the tokens that will be bridged to L2.

Users of Palomabots will earn points that will increase in value over time. He urges traders who want fast GRAINS to continue to use

. The team will be focusing on points for the bots and GRAINS from Paloma will be distributed to those users.

Points are the way to use JuiceETH bots to grow participation in the community, which should convert into foundation awareness and rewards for those users, Taariq adds.

Pigeon Feed Phase 3 is underway and can be viewed in Paloma’s Weekly Wings. He gives special thanks to Jack, Marco, and the Vitwit team for bringing Paloma to Cosmos 50. He also thanks Jack Zampolin for dropping by.

Stay tuned for the next AMA!

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