Volume AMA: Prediction Bots are Coming! $GRAINS Update

In this week’s AMA episode, Taariq Lewis @LewisTaariq, CEO of VolumeFi (volume.finance) shares the progress on Paloma’s journey to get the GRAIN token across chains. The recent v15.2 upgrade integrates the new Skyway module, an upgraded version of the Gravity Bridge that will handle all AI and arbitrary logic calls between Paloma and all target EVMS.

The Paloma network gears up for v16.0 which will contain more upgrades on the new Compass EVM, new gas wallet, and relayer fee rewards. The team continues to deploy test GRAINS on multiple target chains in preparation for the launch of Paloma’s token. All transactions will be prepaid in ETH and converted into GRAINS to create upward buy pressure and demand on the different exchanges.

The race is on to stack up on free AI points on Paloma’s first AI app, Tailored. Designed as a utility app for decentralized storage, Tailored will store the user’s context for use on the apps.

The Price Prediction bots are expected to be launched next week with cash giveaways for early users.

Taariq welcomes everyone to Volume’s Twitter Spaces. He announces that the launching of the Price Prediction bots has been moved to next week with cash giveaways for early users. He gives a brief background about Volume.

Volume aims to use bots to do everything from AI to leverage trading and deploying contracts. Decentralized bots deliver more revenue and profits to developers and validators on the Paloma Chain.

The network’s upgrade to v15.1 delivers risk management and security protections for the Paloma bridge and GRAIN token as it crosses multiple target chains. This week’s upgrade to v15.2 integrates the newly upgraded Gravity module renamed Skyway.

More improvements will be implemented on Paloma v16.0 in preparation for the launching of the GRAIN token.

The team is now launching test GRAINS on Curve and Aerodrome. Relayer fees will also undergo testing to ensure that validators can claim their fees from the pool. All transactions will be prepaid in ETH and converted into GRAINS to create upward buy pressure on the target chains.

The launching of Prediction bots will trigger more demand for GRAINS as more people use decentralized bots to make predictions on prices.

The vote on the 20% bridge tax and burn was passed although it was inadvertently applied to all tokens crossing the bridge. Taariq clarifies that the bridge tax will be applied only to GRAINS in the next release. The vote on bridge limits will take place after the upgrade of the entire Gravity module to Skyway.

Taariq underscores that the goal is to ensure sufficient buy pressure on GRAINS across all pools and chains. As GRAINS are deployed to Arbitrum and Base, there will be continuous buy pressure in those exchanges.

He emphasizes that validators get first place and priority so the sell pressure is eased off when they bridge back and stake.

Taariq encourages everyone to check out Tailored AI to earn points.

He shares that the team is working on launching Paloma’s first AI app, Tailored AI, an AI utility app that stores a user’s custom context while they earn points.

The new AI token will be hosted on Paloma. The Paloma network will control the decentralized storage for the AI and all other AI functionalities. Tailored AI points can be accessed by joining the Paloma Discord group.

Taariq congratulates all leverage traders who checked out Paloma’s first Llamalend Arbitrum bots on Curve. More leverage bots on Arbitrum and Llamalend will be launched so that users can lever up for cheap. He thanks the Curve community for hosting Paloma.

He thanks everyone who tuned in to today’s AMA and assures that Paloma’s Prediction bots will be ready next week with cash prizes.

Stay tuned for the next AMA!

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