Paloma Weekly Wings: June 18, 2024 - Validator Balances Enforcement, Compass-EVM Redeployment Retries, and Compass-EVM Release v1.0.0

Welcome to the weekly update on new software design from the Paloma community of developers.


The New Hatchling Paloma Network of


(v1.15.0) and the Pigeon relay module are on v1.12.0 Paloma is just over one year old and its Cosmwasm and EVM contracts are still unaudited and undergoing continuous upgrades on the protocol and its smart contracts. The GRAIN token is available on the Paloma mainnet but is not yet trading on exchanges. Although the flock is flying on the


mainnet, it is still subject to the continued development of Paloma’s cross-chain messaging system and the security guarantees offered by the GRAIN token. We expect


to experience weekly chain halts and chain restarts for upgrades. We also expect numerous undiscovered bugs and vulnerabilities. No one on this project controls or influences the price of GRAINs. The community will strive to preserve the mainnet state, which includes balances, but considers this mainnet high-risk. Proceed with caution.

Paloma architecture requires that all validators in the network have a sufficient target-chain gas denomination balance in their target-chain wallets for cross-chain gas execution. Unlike other relay protocols, Paloma does not subsidize relayer gas fees and requires that relayers have gas fees minimum balances or have their validators jailed. Before this new release, Paloma did not enforce validator balance reporting on target chains. As such, no validator could have insufficient balances and still receive Pigeon feed-assigned messages to relay.

This update will now enforce validator balance checking. Validators with missing balance reports to be jailed, or at least omitted from the Pigone Feed relayer candidate pool, so that users can trust that messages can successfully be relayed with sufficient gas.

With the upcoming release of Compass-EVM 1.0.0, the Paloma light client for all EVM-compatible chains, Paloma redeployments of Compass-EVM upgrades must be guaranteed to perform when cross-chain accounts have active outputs under management on target chains. Paloma must deliver the guarantee to upgrade light clients via governance votes and redeploy the new light cients, but with ownership of all target contracts and tokens. Given that Paloma validators cannot guarantee smart contract deployment and only make best attempts, we assume that some deployments will fail. After successful governance votes to upgrade, the new Compass-EVM redeployment retry functionality will now provide automatic retries for Compass-EVM deployments.

All users want failed compass deployments to be retried in a sane way in case they fail so that deployed smart contracts on target chains that depend on Paloma Compass-EVM controls are not locked out of an upgraded system. Smart contract balances controlled by Paloma Compass-EVM light client are always accessible after upgrades. This new feature includes:

Paloma finally released its first version of Paloma Gravity Compass-EVM with v1.0.0. This release adds a key design change to support Paloma Pigeon Feed and the on-chain, automatic settlement of relay messages.

Gravity expects atomically incrementing nonces with every event emitted. Prior to Compass-EVM v1.0.0 this was not the case, as the emitted


is shared across different message types. Paloma’s Gravity implementation is a lot more strict that our regular communication channels as in it will



id = id + 1

constraint for every nonce it receives, and will attest to them in order only. This is to ensure correctness of order of funds transferred. This change will also included upgrades in both Paloma and Pigeon in order to populate the constructor properly.

Stay up to date and follow the Paloma public repositories and the commits of ongoing upgrades to the Paloma Cosmos-SDK blockchain and the Pigeon relay module here:

While Barb pigeon is the most common name for this species, it is sometimes extended to English Barb to reflect its origins, and in some places, it’s called the Barbary pigeon.

The English epithet also distinguishes it from other types of barbs that developed in other countries, such as Spain, Germany, and Poland—presumably all with similar ancestry to the English barb.


Next week begins work on Pigeon Feed Phase 1 after three weeks of Gravity refactoring and Gravity upgrades. All upgrades are now in production and the next releases will test these new features, including minimum Pigeon in governance as well as the new deployment of Compass-EVM 1.0.0 into the network of eight target chains.

We continue to fly with the flock! COO! COO!

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